Jacob Cohen

Jacob Cohen si ispira a un canone di qualità altissimo per capi di abbigliamento da donna e da uomo davvero particolari. I colori sono il fulcro delle collezioni Jacob Cohen, dove la scelta di una tonalità ha una ispirazione quasi filosofica. I capi Jacob Choen sono prodotti unici: pantaloni, gonne, camicie, abiti veramente particolari, garantiti da una azienda eccellente.

Jacob Cohen

Created entirely with the love for luxury, handmade with the finest Japanese fabrics fused with the art of Italian tailoring, Jacob Cohen jeans collection promise to be nothing but worthwhile! Production processes take place in the culturally rich Italian region of Veneto, after rare materials such as ‘Kurabo denim’ are specially sourced and imported from Japan. A true sense of quality and authenticity runs within every stitch of Jacob Cohen bottoms.

Truly unique and truly individual, no two pairs of jeans are ever the same! Designed to become distressed with wear and mould to fit, every patch, needlework and abrasion is matchless. Jacob Cohen Jeans come with an exclusive tracking code which actually allows you to find out any information you would like to know. This includes information on who created your jeans, the details and the whole manufacturing process as well.

Down to the very smallest detail, everything is perfectly present. From silver plated sculpted buttons to lavishly luxe labels made from pony skin, Jacob Cohen is a real representation of true tailored jeans, with the chain-stitched hem and hand-written care instructions all complementing this!

Favourable to the environment, the Italian fashion house uses eco-friendly processes of production by eliminating the use of chemicals when it comes to dying and washing their denim, using only the very tough Greek pumice stone. Exceptional and fundamental laundry techniques are used where the materials undergo a special washing procedure that is completely free of any synthetic properties! Treated, repeated, rinsed, brushed, pinched, and pressed.... this natural denim wash and eco-friendly edge offers plentiful variety and the highest quality! Other than being universally unique, Jacob Cohen offers a collection and combination of colourways, of which includes light to dark washes. Dealing in denim since 1985, the premium designer brand sells a selection of different cuts and trendsetting limited editions, all which preserve that flawless fit and finish.

Jacob Cohen presents the Autumn/Winter 2016 new "informal elegance" collection for the incoming season wich features the classic denim combined with stylish trims.